Field Trip Tomorrow

All students need to wear jeans and tennis shoes tomorrow to Calie’s Acre. They will be running, playing, and exploring outside in hay and around animals.  Do not dress up for Red Ribbon week tomorrow.

All kids will need to bring a SACK lunch (no lunchboxes) and a drink. If you need a lunch provided please email me ASAP so I can let the cafeteria know so your child will have a lunch.

If you would like to join us, we are leaving at 9:15 from the school. You can follow behind us or meet us there. You will be responsible for your own child. If you would like to take them at the end of the field trip you MUST sign them out from me.

It is going to be a really fun day!! If you have any questions or concerns please email me. [email protected]



End of 9 weeks

Today is the end of the nine weeks and report cards will be coming out next week.

Today, as a class we emptied our desks to start our next 9 week period off fresh. A lot of your kiddos will be bringing LOTS of assignments that they have completed… but never brought home because it was stuffed into their desk. I promise you we have been doing work every day but some of you just may have never seen it haha. I reminded them of cleanliness. Please take a moment to look in their folder and backpack and remind them to bring work home so you can see how awesome they have done!

The field trip is next Tuesday!! It will be a fun experience for our friends! If you haven’t paid or let me know you need help, please do so by Monday. Again, if there isn’t a permission slip signed, they will not be able to attend. Also send their lunch note back by Monday so our cafeteria can know who will need a sack lunch :)


It’s been an AWESOME 9 weeks and these 1st graders have been working hard!! I hope you see the improvement and I am thankful for all that you do to help with reading and homework!! They will continue to grow and learn…. and I am so excited to be their teacher! They are all so precious and loved!!






$7 for Callie’s Acre is due tomorrow, along with the permission slip. If you are having trouble paying for the field trip, please let me know. I am also sending a reminder home today. There will be a checklist about if you can provide your own sack lunch or if you will need a lunch from the cafeteria. Please read the note, check, and send back.

If you are planning on coming to the Pumpkin Patch with us remember you will need to take your own vehicle and follow us there, and please do not bring younger siblings.

No school this Friday for the kiddos.  The end of the 9 weeks is this Friday and report cards will go home next Thursday along with a note about fall conferences.  Please call or e-mail me with any questions you may have when you get their report cards.

Red Ribbon Week is next week. WE WILL NOT dress up on Tuesday because of our field trip. They will need to wear a White Oak shirt and tennis shoes.

Thank you!!

4 Day Week

This week students will have a 4-Day Week. The teachers will be having a work day on Friday to end our first nine-week grading period.

This week in:

Guided Reading: Reading will continue with guided reading and getting reading levels for the 1st 9 week period.

Word Work: Continue digraphs /th/,/sh/,/ch?,/wh/.

Spelling: or, by, one, had, not,be,this, from, I, have.

Math: Problem solving will continue and we started learning about shapes and attributes.

Writing: We have continued our Halloween story during interactive writing and are finishing our individual writing about a dark, spooky night in a haunted house.

haunted-houe-3 haunted-house-2 haunted-house-4 haunted-house-5 haunted-house

Upcoming events:

October 20th-Field Trip forms/CASH- money due

October 21st-Student Holiday/End of Nine Weeks

October25th-Field Trip to Calie’s Acres

Y’all rock!!

-Lacey James

Coming Home Today

Today several things will be coming home.

A permission slip for our 1st grade field trip is coming home. The field trip will be to Calie’s Acre Pumpkin Patch on October 25th. The price per child is $7.00 CASH ONLY. pumpkin

Please send the money to school along with the permission slip by October 2oth.

A October book order will also be coming home. The book order is due on Oct. 17th. Cash only or you may purchase online using our class code. NGZ2M

Graded papers are coming home. Please look over these papers, talk about corrections and/or praise their grades!

Remember if your child is being picked up for pep rally tomorrow, please send a note clarifying so. The children will be released for pick up at 2:30

Thanks for all that you do!

Keep reading at home and have a great weekend!




Bat Facts

I forgot to mention, we are learning about nocturnal animals and particularly bats this week in science!

Talk to your kiddos about all the facts they have learned recently!!




  • Bats are flying mammals.
  • While others can glide, bats are the only mammals capable of continued flight.
  • There are over 1000 different bat species.
  • Bats are nocturnal (active at night).
  • Bats ‘see’ in the dark using a special skill called echolocation. Bats make noises and wait for the sound waves to bounce back off objects (an echo), if it doesn’t bounce back then they can safely fly forward. They can tell the distance of various objects by how quickly the sound waves bounce back to them.
  • Most bats feed on insects, while others eat fruit, or even blood!

These kids amaze me every day!! Thank you for allowing me to share them with you!

Upcoming dates

15374891-illustration-of-two-cute-little-monsters-stock-vector-monster-halloween-cuteI will be out of the room tomorrow, Wednesday 10-12-16. If you have any changes with transportation or emergencies please call the main office (903)291-2160. It will be taken care of promptly.


This week in…

Word work: blends – /tr/ /dr/ /pr/ /cr/ 

Reading: Guided Reading groups will continue.

Writing: Applying what we have learned in our writing. We have started our Class Interactive Halloween Story. We will also continue to write and use what we have learned in phonics and planning and revising and editing.

Spelling: 5 new spelling words- be, this, from, I, have.

Math: As always we will continue to practice using our math tools with problem solving and addition. We will continue learning about combinations and  start 2 dimensional shapes next week.

Upcoming Events:

October 21st-Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

October 24-28th-Red Ribbon Week


October 25th-First Grade field trip to Calie’s Acres- NO DRESSING UP- wear tennis shoes and a white oak t-shirt.

October 31st-Halloween-NO COSTUMES

pumpkinThank you for all you do!


-Lacey James

Helping Hands

Some of you picked up a helping hand at Parent Orientation to help our classroom!

But, I forgot one important item. If anyone would like to contribute to our classroom… we would love some play-doh!

Any amount, colors, or brand will do!!

We use play-doh to strengthen our hands to make our penmanship better. We also use play-doh to practice spelling words.



We would really appreciate it!


Early Dismissal Tomorrow and Graded Papers Tonight



Tomorrow is early dismissal for teacher work day. Primary will release at 11:30. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up from school or from the bus on time. Car pickup- please wait until after 11:15 to line up. We needs for our Pre-K students to be able to leave before primary cars line up.


I am sending graded papers home tonight. Please look these papers over, praise, and talk about them. If there was something missed, also take time to talk about the correct answers.

monster books

Today we worked on combinations of 12. Here are some creative ways to compose the number 12~ We learned there are many different ways.


McKenzie chose 11 Ghosts and 1 Bat


Harrison chose 3 Lollipops and 9 Jelly Beans


Caleb chose 5 lollipops and 7 twizzlers

Thank you!