Christmas Party Help

This year our Christmas Party will be Dec. 16th at 9:00. Setup will begin at 8:30.

I am hoping for someone to take charge and be a room mother/father this year. The room mother/father will be in charge of coordinating the party (selecting other parents to contribute food, drinks, goody bags, cups, napkins, plates, and/or organizing games, crafts, etc). Many parents have signed up to volunteer and help from the beginning of the year and I have a list of ways to contact the parents and what they would like to help with.

This does not have to be extravagant or costly. I would just like our class to have a fun party, as I’m sure all of you do as well. We will all have a great one if we work as a team!

If someone would like to volunteer to be coordinator, please email me ASAP… [email protected]


I really appreciate all that you do!


Christmas Tree Craft

Today your child is bringing home a green triangle for you to work on as a family. You may be as creative as you would like to be. You may use anything you would like to use. It is for fun and a chance to make “The Perfect Christmas Tree” with your little sweetie.


They are due next Monday, December 5th.

Once all the trees are turned in we will turn it into one giant Classroom Tree! Have fun and make it sparkle :)

Welcome Back

I hope you all had a restful holiday filled with family and friends.

We are coming back full swing and keeping our brains growing!

This week I will be benchmark testing kids to get an accurate level for their reading records. They will be bringing home self choice books. If they have trouble help them and/or read to them. If it is an easier book, have them read it to  you to increase fluency and expression.

We are working on words that have an -ed ending and how the endings sometimes sound different. (walked, played, started).

In writing we will begin a Christmas themed class book. In their independent writing we are concentrating on spelling words and writing more details.

In math, we are continuing addition and subtraction and adding surveys and data. (Graphing and recording).

In science we started talking about Reindeer facts and we will be learning about Christmas traditions and facts.

If you have any questions concerns, or information for me please let me know :)



Thanksgiving Feast

feast6I apologize but I have tried and tried to upload our Readers’ Theater production from my ipad. It loads and then says it “cannot publish.” I am so sorry!! I will keep trying. Meanwhile, check out my favorite little cuties!! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!feast1 feast2 feast3 feast4 feast5

Graded Papers Coming Home

There are several graded papers coming home today. Please look over them papers and talk with your child about corrections and or praise.

Also, a friendly reminder about our Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater. It will be in our classroom tomorrow at 11:30. It will last about 20 minutes. After the performance, you will be free to sign your child out for the day.

Hope to see you tomorrow and have a VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thanksgiving already??? Just a few reminders about this week: We will be having our Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater on Friday at 11:30.  Please come to our room to enjoy their performance. They are doing so well projecting and reading their parts.  Remind them to practice every night so they know their parts and aren’t nervous.  The play will last about 20 minutes and you are welcome to take your kiddo with you afterwards.

No school next week at all so that we can enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

We will have a spelling test tomorrow on the 5 words we have worked on. (what, all, but, were, when) along with some others from the past.

We are working on plural endings in phonics.  S and ES at the end meaning more than one and when to use s or es.  We use ES when the words end in s, z, ch, sh, x

Math we are working on “strong arm subtraction” and 3 digit addition.  3+4+7=14

Science/Social Studies:  We learned about U.S. symbols and now we are learning about Thanksgiving and the Mayflower.  The kids are doing a science experiment in Research the “Magic Dancing Corn”.  They are having to follow the directions themselves and be true Scientists!

Writing:  All of the students are at such different levels in writing so I focus on different things with each kiddo.  By now I hope that finger spaces and legible writing is taking place so that we can begin to really focus on the story elements.

I am SO thankful for all of your sweeties. They bring a smile to my face daily. Have a fabulous week! I hope to see you Friday!!


This week!

1st grade is moving on along and we are in our 12th week of school! We have learned so much!

Over the next couple of weeks the 1st grade classes will be preparing for a Thanksgiving Readers’ Theater. I am sending home the note about the event and your child’s specific speaking part. We need your child to learn their part and be able to read it fluently and with expression. It will not have to be memorized but it will need to be practiced at home. They will need to be able to read it with projection (slowly and loudly).

This will be performed in front of our classroom family and friends on November 18th at 11:30 in our classroom.

If for some reason your child will not be able to participate, please let me know ASAP so their part can be given to someone else to perform. Please practice the parts being sent home every night to make an amazing performance :)



Spelling words:but, what, all, were, when 

Guided reading will continue:Read the book and Thanksgiving part at home each night.

Phonics- Plurals. Adding -s, -es,-ies to the end of words to make the words plural (more than one)

We are interactively writing stories along with using skills and all that we have learned in independent writing.

Math: Subtraction strategies and word problems.

Science: Planting seeds and watching and logging information.

Social Studies: America Symbols and significance of each.

We have a food drive all week, and we WANT TO WIN!! Please send something if you can so we can help our community during the time of year.

Please mark your calendars for our performance on the 18th at 11:30.

I am so very thankful for your children as well as YOU!

If you have any questions, please email or call!


Lacey James

I can’t believe it is almost November

Hello all!

I hope you have had a great weekend!!

We are beginning our second nine weeks period.

This week:

Word Work: We are continuing alphabetical order to the second letter.

Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups continue.

Spelling: We are not going to have new words this week. We will be re-visting and reviewing the ones we have had so far. Remember these words are in every thing they will read and write and will improve fluency and chunking while reading and writing to make our little firsties better readers. They are very important.

Math: Subtraction will be introduced. This concept will be a new way of thinking for these kiddos. We will be talking about what it means and words that help us to decide if it is an addition or subtraction problem or scenario.

Social Studies: We will begin studying national symbols.

novemberThings to remember:

October 31-NO Costumes

November 2-Early Release at 11:30

November 8- Last day to VOTE :)

November 18-Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater  (Time to be announced.)

November 21-25-Thanksgiving Holiday

Please email or call if you need anything. Thanks for everything you d0.

Mrs. James