Parent Orientation TONIGHT

Tonight Parent Orientation will start at 6:30 in the cafeteria. After some brief information from out principals, we will then move to our classroom for specific information about our classroom expectations and procedures.


Childcare will be provide.

I hope you all can make it for this opportunity to learn about the remainder of the year.


ALSO: Fall pictures are tomorrow! Packets will be sent home today.

Thank you!

Parent Orientation

Next Tuesday, September 27, we will be having a Parent Orientation at the Primary campus. It will begin at 6:30 and end at 7:30.

This will give me a chance to talk about my classroom, your kids, and how our classroom is running. Along with what your child is expected to know and master this year. Homework, schedules, and activities will be discussed as well!

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to have questions answered and to be involved with your child’s learning. We are a team!

The event will have child care available so we can have a teacher and parent interaction! Thank you so much!


Please make arrangements to attend if possible! It will be a very positive meeting!

Also- There is a note with information about the parent orientation in your child’s folder. :)


Thanks! I hope to see you next Tuesday September 27th!

monster-with-notepad-pencilNew spelling words for this week:



Please work on these words. They will need to know how to read, write, and spell these words. It would be good to make them write them in a sentence. (ex: The dog was sitting on the couch. He is a good dog. etc.)

This is how spelling tests are done. They will be responsible to learn, read, write, and spell 100 words over the course of the year. This is will escalate their reading and writing over the year and will be part of their grade.


BOOK ORDERS ARE DUE TOMORROW! If you would like to order books online our classroom code is: NGZ2M.

Today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be testing kids outside of the classroom. There will be a substitute in my classroom, while I individually test each student.

Please continue to work on counting and reading for meaning and what makes sense when stretching out a word.



Lacey James

Spelling Test and Book Order

Happy Monday All,monster books

I hope your weekend was awesome!!

There will be a spelling test tomorrow!

the,of,and,a,to,in,is,you,that, it

are there words your child will be responsible for the rest of the year. They will be graded on the spelling tests and in their writing for the remainder of the year. Please make sure your child  can read,write, and spell these words. I am sending home a spelling preview for you and your child to review and study for tomorrow’s test. Notice which ones your child needs extra help on.

We will start guided reading tomorrow and your child will be bringing home books to read every night. Please continue to sign the reading log write comments about the books. This is going to be new to them in first grade so please hang in there with me until guided reading becomes routine for your kids.

We will be finishing out Kevin Henkes unit this week and I am so excited to announce that these kids are absolutely in love with this author.

In math we are comparing numbers, solving addition word problems, and working together in math stations.

In wiring we will begin our first class book with a plot, setting, and characters. This will done interactively and we will review and learn using capitals, finger spaces, punctuation, sight words, and working on penmanship.

I am also sending home a Scholastic Book Order! This is very exciting for the kids! This will allow them to read and be read stories and books that interest me.

You can order online or send checks with amount owed.

Our class code is: NGZ2M

Thank you so much!

If you have any questions please email or call!


This Week and Homework Tonight!

I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend! I know I sure did!

Now we have a lot to cover in our short

Spelling- the, and, a, to, of, in, it, that, you, is

Please be sure your child can read, write, and spell these words. They are found in all books and will help them to become better readers and writers. You can make it fun too (i.e. write in the sand, make them with playdoh, use shaving cream, or make a game of it in your own way.)


Math- Comparing numbers, counting, problem solving using strategies, and continuing reviewing skills.

**Homework tonight over “Greater Than”**

Reading- I am still assessing in the classroom to get levels and abilities to start guided reading. The students will be working in stations to write, locate vowels, create rhyming words, and to work in cooperative groups. If your reader coming home is too hard or too easy, please work on fluency or help them along. I will know more after the reading assessments are complete.

Phonics- Short and Long vowel sounds

Writing- Interactively writing, making words with certain vowel sounds,  and independently writing in Writer’s Workshop.

Social Studies- Author study over Kevin Henkes. Discussing characters and the story. This is also fits into our CHAMP behavior in the classroom and our school!

Thanks for all that you do.

Any questions please email me [email protected]

or call (903) 291-2158

~Lacey James

Reading Logs and Graded Papers

Reading Logs, a note explaining reading logs, and graded papers will be coming home today. Please look over these papers with your child.


monster books


It always helpful to praise good work and to go over missed questions.

Reading Logs (for now): Students began guided reading stations yesterday. I am testing students to find their reading levels. If the reader they are bringing home is too easy, read it several times to improve fluency. If it is too difficult, read it to/with them. Please log the book along with your initials and any comments you may have about the book (too easy, too hard, had trouble, etc.) When I conclude testing, their books will be more consistent with their ability.



Getting into the swing of things!

valentine-clip-art-21547The first week of school was awesome!! Now it’s time to get on our daily schedule and set expectations for our everyday classroom routines so we can get the most out of our day.

This week:

Reading: Students will begin guided reading stations while I test students to find their reading levels. If the reader they are bringing home is too easy, read it several times to improve fluency. If it is too difficult, read it to/with them. When I conclude testing, their books will be more consistent with their ability.

Spelling: Students will be given 5 new spelling words (the, a, and, of, to) this week.

Math: Students will begin using pictures and ten frames with Intentional Problem Solving. They will also be counting collections.

We will also begin an author study of Kevin Henkes and learn how to be a CHAMP through his characters.

Remember, class begins at 8:00.

Lunch is at 10:45

Tennis shoes need to be worn every Tuesday and Wednesday. These are our P.E days!

I hope everyone has a blessed week!

Pep Rally Information

Cheerleader_BlackMaroonStudents MUST bring a note to be excused to go to the Pep Rallies at 2:30.

Only students with a note will be allowed to leave the classroom.


Door will open at 2:30 for you to come sign out your child from the cafeteria.

Students will NOT be allowed to walk to the Pep Rally without an adult with them.

Students not picked up by 3:00 will be sent back to their classroom for regular dismissal policies.

There is a note coming home about this information tonight along with a note about VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Thank you and GO ROUGHNECKS!!!! cheerleader

Several Notes Home



Today your child will be bringing some notes home. One is information about planners and folders and two are to be filled out and sent back to school.


Please check your child’s planner and initial it daily. This will have behavior and any notes from me or your child.

Day 2 was a success and we are already doing and learning so much! I love getting to know your kids and they are definitely making me smile. :)


Thank you,

Lacey James