The last 9 weeks

  • Last week we began our study of our great state of Texas. We will be learning about the many symbols of Texas and applying some map skills. Texas will be our focus in our writing and our research.

    TPRI testing will conclude this week and guided reading groups will continue. Students’ reading levels were raised according to their improvement so look for this in the books they will bring home for nightly reading homework.

    Our word work will be shifting to reading comprehension skills. Even though we have done this all year orally and some independently; this will become a bigger focus this last nine weeks period. Students will be focusing more on understanding what they are reading than how to read.

    Skip counting in Math will continue with identifying groups and patterns within those groups. Again, the focus is on carefully reading the problems to understand what operation is to be performed.

    There will be 5 new spelling words this week and the test on Friday. We are getting close to our 100 N0-Excuse words for first grade. Be sure you always go over the weekly spelling words at home. The words are up in the room, but it helps if the students study them at home for better recall and application in their writing.

    This week is STAAR testing for our friends upstairs in the Intermediate School. We ask that you not come and eat with your child on Tuesday and Wednesday. These will be silent lunch days for our students. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    Don’t forget that our reading contest will begin tomorrow-Monday. Please sign your child’s reading log each night and they will receive a ticket to put in a drawing for a brand new bicycle. This will be in May so they have many chances if they read every night.

This week and HOMEWORK tonight

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope every one enjoyed last week!! I definitely had a exciting and relaxing one!

This week I will be doing Texas TPRI testing of each child. Your kiddo will be bringing home a self choice book and may also read a book from home.

In math we are using skip counting to solve word problems. There will be math homework  tonight.

In writing and phonics we are reviewing and concentrating on capitalization and periods. We are also creating a class Acrostic Poem about SPRING and starting a spring story.

In Social Studies we are learning all about The Great State of Texas!! We will be learning a lot throughout the next few weeks (regions, landmarks, symbols, cool facts, etc).

Spelling Words: many, people, its, who, now

Thanks for all that you do!

Lacey James

Frog and Toad performance

This Friday at 9:00, the first grade will be performing  “A Year With Frog and Toad.” This will be in the Elementary Cafeteria. I hope you all can come. Remember, students are to wear any combination of black or grey or brown with blue jean PANTS.

Also, if a parent or two can be here to help our firsties get costumes on before the performance, that would be wonderful. Please contact me if you would be willing to help!! (903)985-0778 Texting is fine 🙂

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

March 10: “A Year With Frog and Toad” performance at 9:00

March 13-17: Spring Break

March 22: Spring Pictures

Thank you for all that you do!

Have an amazing spring break and keep your kids reading, please!! 🙂

CHAMPS Assembly!!

We got the coveted “GOLDEN FORK”  award for BEST class in the cafeteria out of ALL the primary classes!!

This is a HUGE deal!! Look at these cuties!!


This week’s CHAMPS March 3, 2017

Kayleigh Stone: Always being a CHAMP

Khloe Lawson: Car Pick-Up CHAMP

Caleb Anderson: Creative Writing

Aryan Rodenberg: Being a friend and helping his classmates

Hudsyn Cargil: Great Friend Award

McKenzie Alexander: Character Ed CHAMP


Last weeks CHAMPS!!

This week in 1st Grade!


This week:

I will be sending out Spring Conference notes and times today. Please be sure to sign and confirm the time, or request an alternate time for us to meet about your child.

Guided Reading: I have seen a lot of kids reading every night and that makes me smile! Remember the best way to get better at something is to practice, practice, practice! There are some days where reading logs do not get passed out due to changes in a schedule and a hectic afternoon. If be chance it doe snot get home, please just write it in the planner that your child read and what book they read. Thank you!

Groups will continue. We are presently introducing reading comprehension passages. Students are practicing reading passages and proving their answers; as well as, inferring their own reasonable answers in writing. We have been reading and doing this together. They will have to complete one independently next week.

Word Work: Contractions and their meaning. This helps with comprehending what the child is reading.

Math: We will conclude our pattern unit and use what we learned in number patterns to begin counting in groups.

Writing/Science: Our study of Dental Hygiene and Dental Awareness will begin. We will discuss how to care for our teeth and discover what happens if we don’t. They will be doing a fun and informative science experiment in research center!

Spelling: could, see, time, like, him, no, make, than, first, been. A spelling preview was given today and their test will be tomorrow! PLEASE STUDY the spelling preview!

The Chocolate Fundraiser was cancelled and I hope you all got the note and were able to make arrangements and refund the money if you had already sold some. We were sad to lose this awesome opportunity to raise money for our school but I hope you got it all taken care of 🙂


Feel free to contact me anytime! [email protected]

and keep on being AMAZING!!! I have one of the best bunches and I am so glad we can all be here to help them! They continue to grow and fascinate me everyday!


Homework Tonight–Early Release Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be an early release day. Students will be dismissed at 11:30. Please be sure to make arrangements for your child. If there are any changes, please make me a note in the PLANNER. Thank you!

Spelling words this week are: could, see, time, like, him, no, make, than, first, been

Math: Continuing patterns and counting collections of coins.

Guided reading will continue. Read every night!

In writing we are focusing on punctuation and complete thoughts along with capitalization.

Social studies will be learning about past Presidents and what they did for our country.

Your child has math homework tonight.


Valentine Party

Tomorrow 2-14 we will have our Valentine’s Day Party. Setup time is at 11:00. The party starts at 11:30

Feel free to bring anything you would like. I have spoken to a few parents to bring necessities but anything is welcome!

There will be a few stations for your child to enjoy and you are more than welcome to join in on the fun.

This week we are:

Reviewing time, counting money, and noticing and practicing patterns and number patterns.

We are learning about synonyms while still reviewing parts of speech (nouns,verbs, adjectives) this will make our writing better and more interesting.

We will be learning about President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln.

We are really focusing on reading our writing and making sure it makes sense, spelling words are spelled correctly, and if they have errors, to correct the error.

Graded papers and graded writing will go home today. On the back of your child’s writing there will be a spelling grade (#grade), and penmanship grade(1-4), and a writing grade (1-4). A 1 is experiencing difficulty and a 4 is the best.

Thank you

Happy Valentine’s Day