Pep Rally Information

Cheerleader_BlackMaroonStudents MUST bring a note to be excused to go to the Pep Rallies at 2:30.

Only students with a note will be allowed to leave the classroom.


Door will open at 2:30 for you to come sign out your child from the cafeteria.

Students will NOT be allowed to walk to the Pep Rally without an adult with them.

Students not picked up by 3:00 will be sent back to their classroom for regular dismissal policies.

There is a note coming home about this information tonight along with a note about VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Thank you and GO ROUGHNECKS!!!! cheerleader

Several Notes Home



Today your child will be bringing some notes home. One is information about planners and folders and two are to be filled out and sent back to school.


Please check your child’s planner and initial it daily. This will have behavior and any notes from me or your child.

Day 2 was a success and we are already doing and learning so much! I love getting to know your kids and they are definitely making me smile. :)


Thank you,

Lacey James


First Day Notes

Today was such a great day and I love every kid so much already!! I know it is going to be a great year!!

Today your child is coming home with a “Roughneck” folder. This will have work, notes, and upcoming events for you to look at. Please check this folder everyday for what is new.

Today they have a “Genius” note, person, and explaination that you can help them with! I showed them how to do it today! The note will explain the directions. It also has our enhancement schedule.

They will also be bringing home their planner. Please check this everyday. This will serve as communication between me, you, and your child. Please initial this planner everyday so I know you’ve seen it. This will also have notes from your child and be a way to communicate duly behavior!


Thank you so much for what you do! Have a great evening!

Meet The Teacher!!

I am SO excited to meet all of you tonight!! I have been planning a great year for all of us!!

Meet The Teacher is this afternoon from 4:00-5:00! Please bring your supplies and $10 (cash only) to room 118! I will be here anxiously awaiting your kiddos sweet smile!

Here is a little about me!

My name is Lacey James and this is my 4th year at White Oak! This is truly a special place to work because of the amazing community, teachers, staff, and students! I am truly blessed to be here and am happy to begin a new year!

I have an amazing family! My mom and dad are the most amazing parents I could ask for! My brother is Chance James and is a band director here at White Oak. My sister-in-law is a teacher at Pine Tree and I have an amazing niece who will turn 3 on Sunday!! She is truly my happiness! I have a wonderful blessing of boyfriend named Blaine and a sweet yellow-lab named Honey. I have great friends and love to be around them to laugh and experience things with! I live on Lake Cherokee and love fishing and the outdoors! I love being a teacher and have a passion for allowing children to learn and explore. I love Dr. Pepper and Mexican food! My favorite colors are purple, coral, and anything bright!

I am ready to meet all of you! Bring your smiles and a hug! I can’t wait!!

Here are some pictures of my PeRfEcT LiFe!

My boyfriend, Blaine

My boyfriend, Blaine

My big brother, Chance

My big brother, Chance

My niece, Emma

My niece, Emma

My dog, Honey

My dog, Honey

My parents, Jace and Rachel

My parents, Jace and Rachel



Frog and Toad Performance

Please wear bright color SHIRTS, JEANS, and TENNIS SHOES for the performance tomorrow. You are welcome to come watch your child. The performance is at 8:30 on the stage. Hope to see you there.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day.

Remember both Thursday and Friday there will be early dismissal at 11:00.

P.S. Please send all books back to the classroom, please.


-Lacey James

Can you believe it!?!?

8 MORE DAYS!??! I can’t believe we are already to the end of 1st grade. It has been a whirlwind of fun and learning!

I am going to miss these sweet babies! I have grown to love them all so much! This is truly a special class! Thanks for letting me get to know them and teach them!

As the year comes to a close, please be looking for ANY and ALL of the books that have been sent home and please return them.

Also, be aware of our outstanding library this summer to keep your kids reading this summer. It is so extremely important!

I will be sending home a workbook for you child to work on over the summer. If they work in this book they will be rewarded when they come back to school in 2nd grade…That sounds so surreal that they will be 2nd graders!

Next Thursday AND Friday are half days and the kiddos will have Early Dismissal.

Next Wednesday on the 25th there is a 1st grade musical! I will be sending that note home this week as well. It will begin at 8:30 am in the cafeteria. The students will be required to wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a bright colored shirt!

The end of the year is always a chaotic time. Thank you for bearing with me and for ALL THAT YOU DO~!!!


Here are some pictures from our PARK Day!


Epic Selfie!!


Lunch Break


Sweet Girls!

Rough and Tough Boys!!

Little Sweeties!


The Crew!PARK8

This is our true colors!!


Upcoming Events

Tomorrow is Class Picture Day!! I always love getting my class pictures every year and hanging them on my wall! This year’s class is so special to me and so full of personality! I can’t wait to see their cute smiles shine through!

There is an envelope coming home today to purchase a class picture. You get an 8X10 and a 5X7 fun shot for $10.00. It is CASH ONLY and you have until May 13th to purchase the photos!


The FUNRUN is Saturday! If you or your child would like to participate please be sure you register. Registration can also take place Saturday morning before the run!


Graded papers are coming home with you today as well.

Thank you for all that you do! We are pushing through the year and it is time for final benchmarks and TPRI to calculate their final reading levels. In math we will be learning double digit addition and subtraction and fractions before the year is complete!

I can’t believe it is already MAY!!! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me!

I am so blessed to have all of your kiddos and for everything you’ve done to get us here!! THANK YOU!!

-Lacey James

CHAMPS Assembly Week

We will be hosting the CHAMPS assembly next Friday, April 15. We will be preparing for this by practicing all week in the afternoons. Every child will have a responsibility for the presentation.

The assembly will be at 8:00 a.m Friday, April 15th. I hope to see you all there!!

Spelling words this week:

long, little, very, after, words, called, just, where, most, know

We will begin learning 3d Shapes and will still be reviewing time, money, and skip counting.

We are steadily learning about Texas and I think the kiddos are really loving it!!

Writing, as a whole, is where our kiddos need to work hard to have story with a beginning, middle, and end.

I still have some conferences scheduled for next week. If you would like to schedule one with me, please let me know. [email protected]

I am loving these kiddos for who they are!! You all have some special babies! This time of year tends to get crazy and antsy but I know we will continue to strive for the excellence of our kids!

Also, I have told the softball and baseball players to get me a schedule of their game times. I would truly love to come cheer them on!

Thanks for all that you do!

Have a blessed weekend!!

-Lacey J


The Easter Party is this Thursday at 11:30. I need as many parents as I can get to come and help set the room up and help the Easter Bunny hide eggs in the field by the bus barn at 10:45. Please send a note or contact me letting me know if you can help. We will hunt eggs, have fun with a few relay races with the other First Grade classes, then head to our rooms for some drinks and snacks.

Spring Picture Day is also on Thursday! There is info coming home today!

Good Friday holiday will be Friday!

Phonics: We are reviewing and talking about homophones.

Writing: Our stories and writing abilities have grown SOOOO much over the year! I really am amazed at these kiddos! But we are still needing to work on all of our stories having a beginning, middle, and end! Also, handwriting and being sure of what they wrote is something we can always work on!

Math: Skip counting by 2s,5s,and 10s. Twos get tricky and coins (values and names and adding them up) is still tripping some of us up. Please work with them for extra practice at home!!!

Spelling words: made, did, over, down, only, way, find, use, may, water

As you know, time is flying!! Continue working and reading with your kiddos!!! Thank you for ALL that you do!!

March 14-18!

Hello!! Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you all had a blessed Spring Break full of family and fun! OH AND RAIN!! Unfortunately our room suffered a small bit of rain damage but it’ll all be okay!

Spelling words this week

made, over, did, down, only

We are picking up right were we left off and will be doing lots of guided reading and our lessons will be over contractions and reviewing a lot of our skills we’ve learned so far!

We are going to be talking a lot about St. Patrick’s Day and Easter the next couple of weeks!


In math we are still concentrating on money and values. Please work at home with your kiddos on this with the extra change you might have lying around at home. They will be expected to add quantities of money.

We will also be skip counting a lot! :)

HOMEWORK tonight! HANDS AT HOME!! This will be fun for everyone involved!!


Thursday March 17th- Wear Green

Thursday March 24th- Easter Party (note tomorrow)

Friday March 25th- Good Friday Holiday

Feel free to email me or call!!

Thanks and have a beautiful week!!

Ms. James