Graded Papers and Upcoming Weeks

Today our first batch of graded papers are coming home. Normally, I will try to get those out on Tuesdays but I wanted to wait until after Parent Orientation before any grades went home.

Please take the time to talk to your kids about their grades. Maybe give them a pat on the back or high five!! Also, if they missed something, take time to explain and help them understand. We always go over math assessments on ones most missed after they are completed. We also work on most missed spelling words.

Please remember that all spelling words are held accountable ALL YEAR long 🙂

This week our words are:

are, on, he, was, for  and if you would like to get ahead next week we will have as, with, is, they,at

The following week, we will have a spelling test!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall!I can believe it is almost October!

In math: We have been working on story problems and favorite ways to solve them, number sense, and becoming familiar with the 120 charts. Although writing numbers is common in first grade, please remind and have students correct backwards number, because eventually it is a requirement.

Next week we will start composing numbers.Different ways to get to the same numbers  ex: 3+4=7 and  5+2=7 and 6+1=7

Guided Reading has finally begun and I am sure you are seeing some great reading at home! Keep up the good work!! I am so  proud of them! Be sure to SIGN your reading log every night. When it is not signed, I am not sure if the book was read and discussed….and practice makes us better so read, read, read! The kids are working for Book It! Free pizza from Pizza Hut!


We have been focusing on the 5 senses!! They are learning so much!! Talk to them!!! It is so fun!!!   🙂 We will continue this next week with some fuuuuun activities!!


Thanks for all you do!


Changes in Our Week

Thank you all so much for reading every night!! Keep up your great work!!

This week:

Guided Reading: Students will continue with their guided reading stations. Individual reading testing are complete; however, this week we will begin TPRI testing. This is a state mandated test that has to be done 2-3 times a year. This should be done in the first couple days this week. Our principal gave 1st grade teachers a substitute teacher today to get the tests rolling, which is why there has been a mild change. Originally, the spelling test would have been tomorrow, but with me being out of the room, the Spelling preview will be on Thursday, and the Spelling Test will be Friday. That gives us extra time to perfect those words!! SO this weeks Spelling words are the same 10. Make it fun to practice! Draw in the dirt, or with shaving cream… we use play  doh in class and they enjoy that! Review and practice! :

Word Work: Students will continue using and analyzing short and long vowel sounds with an assessment on short vowels this week!

Math: Along with intentional problem solving involving addition; students will become familiar with ordering whole numbers, greater than, less than, and equal.

We will conclude our Kevin Henkes book study and recreate a cover and write about our favorite book.


Upcoming Important Dates:

September 19– Parent Orientation 5:30- 6:30

September 21– Fall Picture Day


Have a great week!!

Upcoming events and our week!

This Saturday, September 9, is the Monster Truck Rally at 7:30 at Lonestar Speedway. This is a huge fundraiser for the White Oak Education Foundation, so everyone try to come out and have a family night. A child FREE ticket will come home this week.

Parent Orientation is scheduled for September 19th. You will receive a note with details this week. Also coming up is Picture Day on September 21st. More information about this later.

This week:

Reading: Continue reading at home every day. Students are reading to me each day and are involved in Guided Reading Stations.

Word Work: short vowel sound activities and making anchor charts to refer to all year!

Writing/Spelling: New spelling words are it, is, in, you, that. These are in addition to last week. SO there is a total of 10 words. and, to, of, the, a, in, you, is, that, it. Spelling test will be on NEXT Tuesday, September 12.  Your child will be responsible for all spelling words for the remainder of the year. We need to know how to read, write, and spell all these words to help with reading writing. Also, knowing these words will better prepare us for 2nd grade! Please look for the new words today in the planner. We will be exploring our own writing this week through the writing process.

Math: We will continue to work on one-to-one correspondence while working with our math tools: This week we concentrate on number line and number path.  We will also be using intentional problem solving to find answers to some math questions involving addition.

We will continue our study of Kevin Henkes books and find the lesson learned in each.

I hope you all have had a great Labor Day weekend!

Ms. James

Important Pep Rally Information

Only children that will be released to go to the Pep Rally tomorrow (and future pep rallies) will be the children that bring a parent signed NOTE.

Please be sure to send the note in the planner or on a separate sheet of paper. Even if you tell your child that they can go, they will not be able to be released from the classroom without a parent signed note.

A note is coming home today. But these are the Pep Rally procedures:

  • you MUST send a note each week
  • only students that have a note will be sent to the cafeteria at 2:30
  • adults enter through intermediate school and sign children out in the cafeteria
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult at the pep rally.

The pep rally starts at 3:oo in the high school gym.

It is PACKED full of spirit and is very fun!! The kids love it! Be sure to send your kids with notes so you can get them signed out and over to the gym in time!!

Keep checking planners, folders, notes, and reading every night!

ALSO: SCHOOL HOLIDAY on Monday, September 4 for Labor Day! I know I am excited for a 3 day weekend!! Have a great one!! And as always, if you need anything PLEASE let me know!!


One full week down!!

We all made it through one full week of first grade!! The kids have been fantastic first graders. We have been really working on routines and procedures in the classroom so our year will run smoothly! Be sure to always check your child’s planner for any notes I have written or your child has written. This is the best way to communicate because I check them every morning for a note from you and/or your signature indicating that you checked their message and checked their behavior report (sticker, stamp, note).

This week we will begin Guided Reading Stations and Math Stations. This will take most of the week to learn expectations and guidelines for this. I will begin reading with each student to try to find their exact reading levels. This could take up to 2+ weeks. On Monday, they will begin bringing home their book and reading log. This will come with directions for you. The book they bring home may be too easy or too hard. Remember I haven’t found their reading levels yet. If it’s too easy, have them read it several times to improve fluency. If it is too hard, then help them read it or read it to them. This home reading will be their daily homework. Sometimes,  they will have math homework. There will always be a note in the planner about the homework and hopefully (if I stay on top of it) a blog post.

Look for the first 5 spelling words coming home in the planner this week! We will have spelling test every two weeks with a total of 10 words to know how to read, write, and spell. The words are words that will be found in EVERY book they ever read and every story they will write. Knowing how to read, write, and spell these words will make their reading more fluent and writing easier.

Our first spelling test will be September 12.

  1. the
  2. and
  3. a
  4. of
  5. you

I have enjoyed meeting your children and look forward to teaching them this year. Always feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns. Some parents have donated things for the class; snacks, cardstock, and other items. Thank you to all who helped in this way. It really is appreciated by the kids and myself!!

There will be an upcoming Parent Orientation in the month of September! When the teachers find out the date and time, I will let you know! It will make the world of difference if you can attend!!

We Can Be the Difference,

Lacey James

Planners & Folders & Next week

The planner and folder will be going home every day. This is a great way to keep parents updated on my classroom, notes, and anything important coming up in addition to our school and classroom blog. This is also the primary way of keeping up with your student’s behavior. I will begin tracking behavior next week! Green is where we start in 1st grade. Green means they did what was asked and made great choices. Yellow means they made a bad decision.  Red means they made a choice that hurt someone, used profanity, or lied to the teacher/adult, or was a danger to students.

Please look at, read, and initial the planner every single night. Your child knows this as well and can help remind you.

Please check folder for any notes, completed work coming home, graded work, homework, or activities. The folder should be emptied except for any returning notes, homework, or permission slips, etc.

It’s been another amazing day! I love your kids so much! They are all so different and great in their own ways and I love it! I can’t wait to get to know them better!

There is a “Get to Know Your Student” paper coming home to fill out! This way, I can learn from their first teacher, YOU, and what kind of kiddo they are! This will help me to see them in your eyes!

Remember the genius homework is due Monday. This will be presented to show off our genius and to see if any of our friends have similar interests.

In first grade, we only do snacks for the first 2 weeks of school.  We try to keep them from getting too hungry those first couple of weeks so we squeeze in snacks at 2:00 for their little bellies. If you would like to send a bulk snack, you are more than welcome!! We have 19 friends in our class this year!

First Grade is so jam-packed so it is important that our sweeties get here by 7:45, if at all possible.  Our day starts in full swing at 8:00 and we don’t stop until 2:45!  I understand there will be times that mornings get crazy, believe you me, but please try!

We will have a Parent Orientation after the year gets rolling to explain how our room works, reading levels, grade level expectations, writing, etc… please try your best to come to that.  It will make a huge difference in how you view your kiddos education and our classroom. I will let you know the date and time when our principal informs us!

Thank you for all you do! You are all great! I have a room full of sweet, polite, curious, and happy kids and I am so excited!

Enjoy your weekend! Get some rest! Next week is a full week!

-Lacey James

Just a tad bit of homework

Homework on the first day!?!? I guess I’m that teacher hahaha!!

Don’t worry, it’s a fun assignment and is ALL ABOUT YOUR KID’S GENIUS!!!!!

Today we talked about some things we are an “expert” at!! I had all kinds of answers!!

They helped me create my example! I chose fishing to be my genius!

notice the lifejacket and fishing hat they told me I NEEDED!!! I just love them!

They are to create them being an expert: soccer, bike riding. swimming, etc. and tell WHY! It can be short and sweet or lengthy! Help them! It will be so fun to learn what THEY feel they are great at!! You can bring it tomorrow or it is due Monday!

The first day has been soooooo great!! I love this group SO much!!! I am so happy they get to be in my class and we get to hang out all year and GROW as learners!! I hope they had a great day…and they might be ready for a nap, I know I could take a snooze!!

I’ll see them bright and early for Day 2!!

Love, Ms. James

Meet our Class!Michael Logan Brooks Evan Carter Graycee Eli Addison Parker Xander Lyla Karsyn Adilyn Jayden Cruz A.J BrodySophie


First Day!

Only one more sleep until we start a year of FIRST GRADE!!! I am so excited and am ready for a great year with all of your sweet kiddos!! I loved meeting them last night! It made me even more excited!!

Be sure you that your sweetie knows how they are getting home! I also have the paperwork you filled out, but be sure they know in addition to that paperwork, so they are not caught by surprise!

If you did not make it to meet the teacher, please PLEASE send a note or tell me in person when you walk them in their transportation for the day!

Planners and folders will be coming home tomorrow, so after tomorrow you can communicate any transportation/changes/notes in there! 🙂

I am so very excited! This teacher is ready for all of those smiling faces!! It’s going to be a fun, creative, amazing year and your kiddo is going to grow, explore, and LEARN so much!!




We Can Be The Difference!

Love, Ms. James




Meet Ms. James

Hello everyone!! I am so excited to meet you and your sweet kiddos tomorrow afternoon at meet the teacher!! Please bring supplies and $10 CASH for your planner and party money contribution!

You may come from 4:00-5:00!!

Supplies does not need any names on them. There will be places for each item and some paperwork to fill out to make the first 7 days and the rest of the school year run smoothly!

Here is a little about me!

My name is Lacey James and this is my 5th year at White Oak! As you know, White Oak is a special place and we are all so blessed to be here! I love mu job and am very excited for this awesome group!

I am engaged and will become Mrs. Hart September 30, so we will all be going through that exciting change next month. 

This is my fiance’ and me with our dog Honey

I have 2 beautiful nieces, Emma (4 next monday) and Sadie Lynn (5 months). They are so beautiful and smart!

I have an amazing family. I have an older brother that is a band director and a sister-in-law that teaches 2nd grade at Pine Tree!! My parents are the best parents ever and have always supported me and loved me and shaped me into who I am today.


You will learn more about me throughout the year but that’s just a little personal information for all of you!! 🙂


I am very blessed to be part of your child’s journey and I can’t wait to meet all of you!! Don’t forget to bring your smile!!