Christmas Party

We had a super busy and great Christmas Party Day!! Thank you all so much for helping with the Christmas Party: from arranging,  setting up, working with the kids, or just attending! I had so much fun and so did our little ones!! Y’all REALLY treated them to some awesome treats! Too much to carry, even 🙂

I am so very blessed to have each one of your kids in my class and in my heart! This  is truly a special class!

Thank you for my amazing gifts! I am so thankful and feel so loved. (Thank you cards are being made for your babies) 🙂


Everyone have a safe, merry, and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!! Enjoy  your break!

SEE YOU IN 2017!!


Important information!

Hey guys! Primary parents will not be allowed to come in through the intermediate entrance for the Christmas party. Please make sure you come in through the primary office. This is the entrance/exit for car pick up.

Also, kindergarten through fifth grade will be having parties tomorrow at the same time, which will make the parking lots full! Parents are not allowed in the building to set up until 8:30, but I would recommend getting here before that. That way, you will not have to park in the band parking lot if/when ours fills up!






Pajama day tomorrow to celebrate the Polar Express!  Please make sure the PJ’s are within dress code aka no spaghetti straps etc… and please wear tennis shoes.

Please bring a wrapped puzzle by Wednesday. And please write “From:” the wrapping or bag so we know who the gift is from!!


Upcoming week!


Christmas break is just around the corner. I can’t believe how fast  time is flying and how much these sweeties are learning and improving!!

Just some friendly reminders for our upcoming busy and fun week!

We will continue to add and subtract with computations and word problems.

We will continue to learn r controlled vowels (ar,er,ir,or,ur) and use them in our writing.

No new spelling words, but we will pick with a spelling test when we get back from our break.

This week we will be doing a lot of Grinch activities in the room and I call it “Grinch Week.” They will be doing some fun stuff!

Now for the changes with our week:


Monday- Wear socks to school. The students will be getting to bounce in a bounce house instead of going to Technology. If the kids do not have socks, they will not get to participate.

Tuesday- Pajama Day!! Wear pajamas that are in school dress code and wear tennis shoes with the pajamas (we will have P.E. that day). We will also be getting a special visit from the High School Band to perform music from the Polar Express! What a treat!

Wednesday- Regular Day. PUZZLES DUE.

Thursday- Early Release. Please make arrangements for your child to be released at 11:30. If there are any changes please write them in the PLANNER.

Friday- Christmas Party Day!!! 8:30 SET UP. Party at 9:00. Please make sure what you were asked to bring is here by 8:30 if you cannot attend the party. After the party, you will be free to take your kiddo home after you sign them out from my room.  Friday is also Early Release. Please make arrangements for your child to be released at 11:30. If there are any changes please write them in the PLANNER.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the party! I am SO SO SO proud of each and every one of our kids! and THANK YOU for all that you do!

-Lacey James

Christmas Party!!

This year at our Christmas party, there will be a puzzle exchange. Each child will need to purchase a puzzle ($1-$5)

BOYS buy for BOYS and GIRLS buy for GIRLS. You can find puzzles of all sizes and prices at the dollar store, walmart, target, etc. If you can not meet the $1 minimum for a puzzle, please let me know so each child will have a puzzle to open.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Gracie’s mom, Melody, for heading up our Christmas party this year! She will begin contacting parents tonight after she gets home and settled from work.

She has given me permission to post her personal cell number

Melody: (903)387-8620

If you have any ideas or things you would like to be part of, please contact her.

You are also free to contact me about anything 🙂

Christmas Party Help

This year our Christmas Party will be Dec. 16th at 9:00. Setup will begin at 8:30.

I am hoping for someone to take charge and be a room mother/father this year. The room mother/father will be in charge of coordinating the party (selecting other parents to contribute food, drinks, goody bags, cups, napkins, plates, and/or organizing games, crafts, etc). Many parents have signed up to volunteer and help from the beginning of the year and I have a list of ways to contact the parents and what they would like to help with.

This does not have to be extravagant or costly. I would just like our class to have a fun party, as I’m sure all of you do as well. We will all have a great one if we work as a team!

If someone would like to volunteer to be coordinator, please email me ASAP… [email protected]


I really appreciate all that you do!