This week

We are continuing our study on penguins. We have been using this in all subjects but especially in research and writing. The students seem to really be enjoying it! This will be our final week of penguins.

Guided reading is continuing and student should be bringing home a book every night. After they read the book they bring home, they may read anything else they would like. Please continue to sign the reading log every night 🙂

Spelling: some, so, these, would, other, into, has, more, her, two. Spelling test NEXT Tuesday

Math: MONEY MONEY MONEY!! Your kids learned about nickels today. Please ask them about the nickel. If you have any change let them count it to  you.

Wednesday is the 100th day of school and we will be celebrating with FUN stations all centered around the number 100!

Again, if anyone would like to be room mother for our valentine’s day party, let me know.

You may begin sending supplies to decorate bags anytime! Glitter, doilies, stickers, etc.


Thank you!! Have a great week!