Halloween and this week


Tomorrow Primary students may dress up for halloween. If your child participates be sure there is no gore, masks, or props brought to school. The costumes must be within dress code.

We will be having a fun-filled Halloween day based off of STEM projects and fun Halloween activities.

Wednesday. Nov. 1— will be a half day for teacher professional development. We will release at 11:30 so if there are any changes, please note them in the planner!! This is very crucial for half days.

Spelling: THESE WORDS are very tricky. but, what, all, were, when

In phonics skills we are wrapping up diagraphs- sh, th, wh, ch and starting plurals (adding s or es to word to mean more than one)

Math- Combinations and missing addends.

Social studies- American Symbols

Science- Pumpkin life cycle and planting our very own pumpkins!!


Here are some pictures of our superheroes from last week!

The League Of Extraordinary 1st Graders!!!!

These capes are so cute! Some even got creative with jackets!!

Superman has a lot of look-a-likes


Stickers!! and Upcoming Week

I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

We have been working hard and loving that it’s October! These kids are impressing me daily!!

We have been really concentrating on blends in words. This is really going to help them read and especially write!

We will continue with number sense, combinations, and will begin our unit on shapes. They will need to know the name of the shape, the attributes, and how to manipulate shapes.

Spelling words- be, this, from, I, have, or, by, one, had, not in addition to all others learned previously. Test next week!

In science we have learned about nocturnal animals such as spiders, bats, and will continue with owls!

They are learning many facts and are little scientists.

We will be having a sticker story station this week. If you are out and about, and would like to help us, please send us seasonal stickers to use! They love to create a scene with stickers. It really drives and motivates their writing.


Have a fabulous week!!

–Lacey Hart

Fall Pictures are Here… and Upcoming Events

Fall Pictures are coming home today! These kids are so stinkin’ adorable!!

If you didn’t order pictures but would like to after you see the preview, the info will be in the Lifetouch envelope.

Earlier this week we went to the middle school library to see the 8th graders projects! The kids FELL IN LOVE and were so amazed at all the different homes. They were so funny “oooing” aad “ahhhhing”

They saw adobes, igloos, and houses made of wood with creativity, that looked very different then their houses.


Upcoming Events:

Next Friday, October 20th is a Student Holiday!

When we come back the 23rd, it will be Red Ribbon Week. Kids will dress up to a different theme each day to say “I’m Drug Free”

We will be allowed to dress up October 31st in costumes for Halloween but  NO blood, gore, or masks. 

Thank you for all you do!! Here are some pictures of excited kids.

Lyla, Brody, and Logan lean in to a really cool model of a house made from sticks.

These sweeties were yelling “Oh wow!!!” and “COOOOOL!!”

The models had amazing details! The 8th graders did a great job! Carter and Eli look very interested

Brooks is explaining what he was seeing.


Spelling Test Tomorrow

It’s almost FRIDAY!!! These weeks are really flying by! OCTOBER is HERE!

Tomorrow we will have our spelling test. Please be sure to review and practice the spelling preview coming home today.

We have been working on combinations, comparing numbers, (>,<,=) and will be continuing next week as well.

We have started our study on spiders and will continue on to nocturnal animals next week in science.

In writing we will write our first SpoOoOkY class story.

Spelling words for next week are: be, this, I, from, have

Phonics- We have been working super hard on long and short vowels and will be assessing off of those this week.  We will begin working on consonant blends (bl, sl, sp, sc, sk, cr, etc…)  These are so important for the kiddos to understand that we no longer break these sounds up but say them together.  (EX: s-p is now sp)


Thanks for all you do!

Lacey Hart

I am now Mrs. Hart!! YaY!!!! Thank you for all your sweet words, congratulations, and gifts! Y’all truly blessed me!