100 Days Smarter!!

This week we will be continuing guided reading, word work, and really focusing on comprehending what was read.

The spelling test will be Wednesday. Look for the spelling preview tomorrow.

Math: Students are continuing to focus on tens and how knowing partners of ten and how tens relate to 100. Time by using an analog clock and coins will be introduced with much practice. And as always, addition and subtraction in computation and problem solving never stops.

Science: We will be learning about penguins and researching facts. There are many books, websites, and videos about these cute guys.

Word Work/Writing: This past week, students learned about nouns and began identifying these nouns in their reading and writing. This week we will begin describing these nouns by using adjectives to describe them. We will be adding the describing words into our writing to add more details and make it more exciting


We are 100 Days Smarter and celebrated all day with some fun 100th day stations!!! Thanks for all the donated snacks! I’m sure they will be full of sugar by the end of the day.

Last week’s CHAMPS:

This week

Tomorrow is the final day to bring “Mother and Son Movie Night money! We need all money by 8am

Tomorrow is also the last day to help our Olivia with change and donations.

Wear a hat for “Thinking of Olivia

Wednesday, January 24th – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day – “Purple All Over” – WEAR PURPLE!

Wednesday is also a regular full day.

This week we are back to having guided reading groups. Please continue reading every night.

Phonics: Nouns. Students learn a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal (something we can touch).

Spelling words: then, she, them, out, many, into, would, these, some, so

Math: Continuing with measuring and learning “How much longer” or comparing by using a “keeper fish” scenario. This is usually done with hands on interaction ,counting, and a subtraction number sentence problem.

Science: Arctic animals and studying of Antarctica that will set us up for a penguins study in following weeks.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend with some warmer weather! We definitely had a Texas week experiencing all the seasons, snow, rain, and tornados. Gotta love it!


Happy Monday!




I’m sure your sweeties have been out enjoying the snow! I stepped out just long enough to build a baby snowman and attempted sledding. Then right back in for coffee and blankets!

This week we are having a fundraiser “Coins for Olivia” which is a coworker’s daughter and a White Oak Student. I sent a note home Friday with more deatils.

Please send donations and spare change and participate in these dress up days,

Wednesday, January 17th – “Thinking About Olivia” – wear hats

Thursday, January 18th – “Hugs to Olivia” – bring a stuffed animal to hug all day

Friday, January 19th – “Wishing Sweet Dreams to Olivia” – students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school

Wednesday, January 24th – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day – “Purple All Over” – WEAR PURPLE!

This campaign or the daily themed activities are not mandatory. If you are not able to donate, please keep this family in your prayers.

With the short week, I will update later this week or over the weekend with learning and upcoming lessons.

We started CHAMPs assembly this past Friday and will continue every Friday until May.

Students are rewarded for academics, behavior, and progress around the school. Anyone can be awarded by any employee of the school! These are this week’s CHAMPs award winners.


Have a great day! Stay warm, stay safe, and GO MAKE A SNOW ANGEL!!

Happy 2018

I can’t believe we have completed half of our school year. Each child has improved so much!! It really is cool to see how far they’ve come!

This week:

Word Work: Students will be working with  /vowel-r/ blends such as: /ar/ /er/ /ir/ /or/ /ur/. Please notice how your child begins to use these in their reading and writing.

Guided Reading: Look for different levels of books to come home for nightly reading. Encourage your child to push forward and use meaning to figure out difficult words.

Students will be continuing penmanship and spelling this week. Please look for this week’s words to come home in their planner.


Math: Students will begin discovering measurement in length by using non-standard units.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

January 15th – MLK School Holiday

January 24th – Early Student Release at 11:30 for Teacher In-Service


Happy New Year!

-Mrs. Hart