STAAR Testing, Zoo Trip, and this week

Intermediate students will be testing Tuesday and Wednesday. We have to be a closed campus and no outside visitors or outside lunches will be allowed. We have to really work hard for our upstairs friends to be successful.

Also,  will be going to the zoo this Wednesday.  Please make sure your child is in comfortable tennis shoes and is wearing a White Oak shirt (if you have one).  To help make the morning flow smoothly, please put your child’s name on his/her lunch and drinks. Masking tape and sharpie is usually a great way to have a name that won’t come off.  I put the drinks in a cooler so they are cold when they go to lunch.  I will be separating the drinks from the lunches.  There have been reports of a lot of you joining us! I am excited to hear that! Your child still has to ride the bus to the zoo but can ride home with you after you sign them out from the group. If you are a designated chaperone, and have other children with you, you will have the stay the entirety of the trip. I am excited and so are the kiddos! It will be a fun trip!

We are learning about or state and will be using it across the room in all subjects.

In Math, we will continue skip counting, time, coins, and problem solving.

Parents, I know baseball and softball season is in full gear, but be aware of your child continuing his/her reading each day along with any other homework comes home. We continue to have lots to do and reading each day at home help push the students closer and closer to their reading goal.

Stamina is something we will push for. Although students may be reading on or above level , the books get very long as the reading level continues to go up and we want them to be able to read without tiring out and losing comprehension.

Thank you all for everything you do!

I appreciate you!

-Mrs. Hart

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