April 16-27th

Hello all!

This week we are continuing guided reading groups and working hard in all subjects.

We are going to be focusing on capitalization and punctuation in writing as well as when and how to use them.

In math, we are focusing on 3D shapes and their attributes allowing with reviewing skip counting, money, and time.

Spelling words for the next two weeks are:  way, find,use,water, may, long, little, very, after, words and they are still responsible for all words from the past.

Science- we are learning life cycles of many things from butterflies, to frogs, to plants.

KONA ICE will be here next Tuesday, April 24th. THE MONEY IS DUE THURSDAY APRIL 19th. No exceptions. You need to fill out the order form and have CASH ONLY turned in by Thursday. Sizes and amounts are on the order form as well.

1st grade field day is Wednesday, April 25th from 12:30-2:30 and will be outdoors. They will need to wear clothes that can get muddy and wet. No swimsuits or flip flops. Water bottles and caps are allowed as long as the child’s name in written on it.

If your child will leave with you, you may check them out with me. If they are staying for the remainder of the day, send an extra set of dry clothes.

Lots of info! There is not much more of 1st grade left and I am so proud of each child and how far they’ve come! 🙂

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