About Ms. James

Hello!! My name is Lacey James and I am so excited for this year!! I am a fourth year teacher and am so blessed to be teaching at White Oak where it is filled with love and care! I have a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend, a super awesome dog, and great friends that support me and have molded me into the woman I am today. I love to go to the movies and to paint and go fishing! I also love music, animals, and the outdoors. My favorite color is purple and I love Chinese food and sushi. I absolutely love teaching and can't wait to guide these kiddos into exploration, imagination, and learning. You will be amazed at how much your child will grow and learn in 1st grade. I am super excited to meet you and your kiddo! If you ever want to talk or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Let's make this school year GREAT!! :)

Valentine Party

Tomorrow 2-14 we will have our Valentine’s Day Party. Setup time is at 11:00. The party starts at 11:30

Feel free to bring anything you would like. I have spoken to a few parents to bring necessities but anything is welcome!

There will be a few stations for your child to enjoy and you are more than welcome to join in on the fun.

This week we are:

Reviewing time, counting money, and noticing and practicing patterns and number patterns.

We are learning about synonyms while still reviewing parts of speech (nouns,verbs, adjectives) this will make our writing better and more interesting.

We will be learning about President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln.

We are really focusing on reading our writing and making sure it makes sense, spelling words are spelled correctly, and if they have errors, to correct the error.

Graded papers and graded writing will go home today. On the back of your child’s writing there will be a spelling grade (#grade), and penmanship grade(1-4), and a writing grade (1-4). A 1 is experiencing difficulty and a 4 is the best.

Thank you

Happy Valentine’s Day

This week

We are continuing our study on penguins. We have been using this in all subjects but especially in research and writing. The students seem to really be enjoying it! This will be our final week of penguins.

Guided reading is continuing and student should be bringing home a book every night. After they read the book they bring home, they may read anything else they would like. Please continue to sign the reading log every night 🙂

Spelling: some, so, these, would, other, into, has, more, her, two. Spelling test NEXT Tuesday

Math: MONEY MONEY MONEY!! Your kids learned about nickels today. Please ask them about the nickel. If you have any change let them count it to  you.

Wednesday is the 100th day of school and we will be celebrating with FUN stations all centered around the number 100!

Again, if anyone would like to be room mother for our valentine’s day party, let me know.

You may begin sending supplies to decorate bags anytime! Glitter, doilies, stickers, etc.


Thank you!! Have a great week!


Please remember that Wednesday is an early release day for teacher training.  We will be dismissing at 11:30 for Primary. PLEASE make arrangements for your kids and if you make any changes please put them in the PLANNER for easy access.

We ask that parents do not have lunch with their kiddos on that day.  Also, on early release days I know most of you eat after you pick your kiddos up but…if you don’t send some small something with them we have to send them through the line for a lunch.

Valentines is coming up and I/we need help with a few items for our kids.  If anyone could help me with white paper bags with handles on them that would be great!  If you can, please text me or email me.  I also need things to decorate the bags like stickers, heart doilies, etc… anything the kids can use to decorate their bags would help tremendously!!!  Also, keep in mind we will be doing a valentine exchange for every student in the class 🙂

Spelling words for the next two weeks:  some, so, these, would, other, into, has, more, her, two

Phonics:  We are working on verbs this week and showing them how to tie in nouns, adjectives, and verbs in their writing.

Math:  hour and half hour on clocks. We also will start coins with identifications and values. We continue to work on addition, subtraction, and problem solving

Writing:  We are focusing on re-reading to revise and edit.  This simply means they are going back over their story when they are done and re-reading it to check for left out words, making sure sentences make sense, looking for punctuation and capitals after punctuation, and making sure they have spelled no-excuse words correctly (I am giving spelling grades on their writing).

Science/Social Studies:  We are continuing our study on Penguins.  Next week is the 100th day of school and Groundhog day so it’ll be busy but FUN!

If anyone would like to volunteer to be room mother for our class party, I would appreciate it! This is one easier to plan! Please let me know if you’re willing!

Upcoming dates to remember:

January 25- Early Student Release at 11:30

February 1-100th Day of School

February 14- Valentine Class Party at 11:30

February 20- President’s Day and School Holiday

Thanks for all that you do!

Lacey James