Holy moly!!! Only one more full day of first grade!! I am so very proud of every one of my sweet babies! They have learned so much and have become a very special part of my heart!! I am excited to see them go on to second grade and do amazing things!!

Thank you for letting me be part of their journey!

Important change in dismissal times! On our half days Thursday and Friday school will be letting out at 11:30 for K-2!

Please make arrangements for your kids! Please write if their is a change in the planner on the last two days of school.


ALSO!! Your little sweeties threw me a little Bridal Shower today, as I will be having on given by my coworkers.

They gave advice to my future husband. There was talk of lots of chocolate, flowers, and money! I am just fine with all of that!!

Field Trip on Wednesday

We will be spending the day at the park on Wednesday. Parents are welcome to come. We will be returning to school around 2:00. Please be sure to send your child to school in TENNIS SHOES and a SACK lunch ( no lunchboxes) two drinks with their name TAPED to the drink (to avoid confusion). Thanks for all that you do!


This weekend is the last chance to set up your child’s read-a-thon page. Remember, you do not have to donate money…you just have to set up a page. This is FREE and by doing so your child will receive a FREE PRIZE. It doesn’t take long at all. Our class has raised $685.00 so far! And other classes have raised even more!! Remember this is for a GREAT cause and goes straight into making the classrooms better for YOUR kids. Please take the time to register and if possible, donate a few bucks!!


Have a great weekend! Thank you!

Graded Papers and Reminders

Class Group Pictures: We are having class pictures tomorrow. If you would like to purchase a class photo, please send an envelope with $10 CASH

Permission slips: Please send out the permission form for our class trip to the park. Fill in all info on the form.

Read-a-thon: We are working hard to READ READ READ!!! Please take the time to create a page and donate to a great cause!! If you have already donated THANK YOU!!!!

Graded papers are coming home today. Please notice the grades and visit with your child and/or praise them!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! If you have helped or will help with the amazing things that are happening on our campus, I thank you!


In class we are working hard on writing! This really is the most challenging part of our year because there are so many rules and things to remember while writing a good story with a beginning, middle, and end. They are graded on their independent writing from Writer’s Workshop, Station Writing, and prompted writing!

We are also reading for our final benchmark level and fluency for the year. The kids (and you) have worked very hard to get to the level we are on, and I am so thrilled with all the progress shown!!

In math, we are reviewing concepts taught and adding in FRACTIONS!

I can’t believe it is already MAY!!!! We are so close to 2nd grade!!!! Have a fabulous week!

Lacey James

Class Pictures are Tuesday!

We will be having a class GROUP picture made on Tuesday! This is always a great momento to have! The order envelope should have come home yesterday. For $10.00 you get a group photo and a group SILLY photo that is always so fun to look at and laugh!

If you would like to purchase one, please send the money and envelope back 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Read-A-Thon! and Math Homework

Please look for a read-a-thon note and description in your child’s take home folder. This is our Campus Fundraiser this year. We use this money to be able to supply computers, ipads, games, and furniture for your student in the classroom. Please take the time to fill out the online profile and donate to help our school and create amazing readers at the same time!!


Math homework is coming home to practice Double Digit Subtraction. Please observe your child and be sure they finish the homework. Be sure to check it 🙂


Thanks for all that you do!! We only have about a month of first grade left!! I am so proud of these kids and how far they have come!! They are some of the sweetest 🙂



Easter Party

Hello! Tomorrow is party day!

Be here at 11:00 to set up plates and hide eggs for the students.

We will be doing relay races and some fun games outside before we come back in to eat our  treats.

Your kiddos can leave after the party so they can start the HOLIDAY early!! ENJOY!

Be sure to send a basket or bucket for hunting eggs!

Thanks for all that you’ve done to help this year!

No school Friday or Monday!

See ya tomorrow!!

-Lacey J

Here comes Peter Cottontail…

It’s already time for the Easter Bunny!!

This week will be a short week with Easter vacation being this Friday and Monday of next week. *Whoop Whoop*

Our Easter party will be Thursday at 11:30. The first grade all hunts eggs together. Our assigned area is in the grass between the Primary Building and the bus barns. First grade is limited to the area on the right side of the pick-up road that runs through the middle. I hope that’s clear.

Parents who will be “hiding” the eggs need to be here at 11:00 to put the eggs in the designated area.  Remember, to send your 12 candy-filled Easter eggs by tomorrow… the students can bring their basket or bucket for hunting on party day. Your children are able to leave after the party BUT if are checking your child out after the party, please sign them out with me.

This week we will continue guided reading groups, writing and reading about Easter, reading comprehension and there will be no spelling words this week. In math, we will use base ten blocks to begin adding two-digit numbers.

Some upcoming dates to remember:

April 13-Easter Party @11:30

April 14 &17-School Holidays

Thanks and have a great week!


Thanks! I hope to see you Thursday!!