Just a tad bit of homework

Homework on the first day!?!? I guess I’m that teacher hahaha!!

Don’t worry, it’s a fun assignment and is ALL ABOUT YOUR KID’S GENIUS!!!!!

Today we talked about some things we are an “expert” at!! I had all kinds of answers!!

They helped me create my example! I chose fishing to be my genius!

notice the lifejacket and fishing hat they told me I NEEDED!!! I just love them!

They are to create them being an expert: soccer, bike riding. swimming, etc. and tell WHY! It can be short and sweet or lengthy! Help them! It will be so fun to learn what THEY feel they are great at!! You can bring it tomorrow or it is due Monday!

The first day has been soooooo great!! I love this group SO much!!! I am so happy they get to be in my class and we get to hang out all year and GROW as learners!! I hope they had a great day…and they might be ready for a nap, I know I could take a snooze!!

I’ll see them bright and early for Day 2!!

Love, Ms. James

Meet our Class!Michael Logan Brooks Evan Carter Graycee Eli Addison Parker Xander Lyla Karsyn Adilyn Jayden Cruz A.J BrodySophie


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