Graded Papers and Upcoming Weeks

Today our first batch of graded papers are coming home. Normally, I will try to get those out on Tuesdays but I wanted to wait until after Parent Orientation before any grades went home.

Please take the time to talk to your kids about their grades. Maybe give them a pat on the back or high five!! Also, if they missed something, take time to explain and help them understand. We always go over math assessments on ones most missed after they are completed. We also work on most missed spelling words.

Please remember that all spelling words are held accountable ALL YEAR long 🙂

This week our words are:

are, on, he, was, for  and if you would like to get ahead next week we will have as, with, is, they,at

The following week, we will have a spelling test!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall!I can believe it is almost October!

In math: We have been working on story problems and favorite ways to solve them, number sense, and becoming familiar with the 120 charts. Although writing numbers is common in first grade, please remind and have students correct backwards number, because eventually it is a requirement.

Next week we will start composing numbers.Different ways to get to the same numbers  ex: 3+4=7 and  5+2=7 and 6+1=7

Guided Reading has finally begun and I am sure you are seeing some great reading at home! Keep up the good work!! I am so  proud of them! Be sure to SIGN your reading log every night. When it is not signed, I am not sure if the book was read and discussed….and practice makes us better so read, read, read! The kids are working for Book It! Free pizza from Pizza Hut!


We have been focusing on the 5 senses!! They are learning so much!! Talk to them!!! It is so fun!!!   🙂 We will continue this next week with some fuuuuun activities!!


Thanks for all you do!


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