Spelling Test Tomorrow

It’s almost FRIDAY!!! These weeks are really flying by! OCTOBER is HERE!

Tomorrow we will have our spelling test. Please be sure to review and practice the spelling preview coming home today.

We have been working on combinations, comparing numbers, (>,<,=) and will be continuing next week as well.

We have started our study on spiders and will continue on to nocturnal animals next week in science.

In writing we will write our first SpoOoOkY class story.

Spelling words for next week are: be, this, I, from, have

Phonics- We have been working super hard on long and short vowels and will be assessing off of those this week.  We will begin working on consonant blends (bl, sl, sp, sc, sk, cr, etc…)  These are so important for the kiddos to understand that we no longer break these sounds up but say them together.  (EX: s-p is now sp)


Thanks for all you do!

Lacey Hart

I am now Mrs. Hart!! YaY!!!! Thank you for all your sweet words, congratulations, and gifts! Y’all truly blessed me!



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