Graded Papers and Valentine Note

Graded papers are coming home today. Please take time to go over these papers with your child for guidance and/or praise.

A Valentine’s Day Party note is coming home as well. If you plan to send valentines please be sure all 18 kids in our class receive one. Name will be on the note. First name only, is acceptable.  Christy Clinnard is the room mother for this party and will be contacting her list of volunteers from the beginning of the year. If have any ideas, want to help, or want to send something you may text her at (903) 241-5544. THANK YOU CHRISTY!!!!!


Spelling words for the week: two, her, more, has, other

Continuing guided reading.

Science:The final week of penguin research is this week!

Math: We have been working on coins, and time to the hour HARD. We will begin time to half hour tomorrow. Anything you can do at home is helpful. Coins always get them and I think it’s because we don’t use cash and coins as much (thanks to the card) so if you have change anywhere, asking them to identify it and count it up will help them tremendously.

Writing: Adjectives review and adding into writing, along with the study of verbs being introduced.